Fortify your team with customized wellness services. Employ a holistic strategy to execute your company’s mission.

Recruit our network of wellness professionals to design programs, facilities and events that advance your organizational goals. Ignite your office with the energy, focus, discipline, creativity and confidence that result from adding wellness to your workday. Attract dynamic professionals to your team.

Invest in your employees’ well-being. Enrich your company with their surge in passion and performance.

Personalized Fitness Services

Personalized Fitness Services

Transform your staff into a top team through a corporate wellness program.

Customize your program with the classes, treatments and training that will best serve your employees. Select any modality available in the Bay Area – CrossFit, TRX, kettlebells, Pilates, yoga, massage, Zumba or whatever else moves you – and we will arrange it for you.

Reap the multidimensional rewards of creating an active office. Empower your team to thrive together.

Build Your Office Gym

Office Gym Design

Electrify your office before, during and after the workday with your own on-site gym.

Envision your dream facility, and we will design and construct it for you. Or, acquire expert advice regarding the latest exercise trends and equipment to optimize your existing gym.

Create a space for your employees to connect in positive and powerful ways. Build your company culture around the dedication, collaboration and growth that a gym generates.

Corporate Events

Team-Building Events, Retreats & Seminars

Energize your employee training programs. Activate your team through wellness seminars, retreats and experiences.

Schedule monthly, quarterly, semiannual or annual opportunities to train your employees in the most effective approaches to exercise, nutrition, stress management, mindfulness, team building and other essential wellness topics.

Enhance your employees’ capacity, communication and commitment. Ensure short-term and long-term satisfaction and success.

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